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Do you really need professional photography for your Airbnb listing?

As an Airbnb host, you possibly notice that the photos of your place are not that exciting as your property is. Some reviews tell that your house is better than expected. How thrilling to know that your home is superior? More likely, the first impression from your photos was much weaker. As a result, low-quality images possibly lead to the underperforming on the market.

Lighting complications and limitations of your equipment cause the following most common problems. Rooms appear neither spacious nor bright. Colours are mixed up and look wrong. Furthermore, photos are crooked and blurry. That is why you undoubtedly need to hire a professional photographer with good experience in interior photography.

Proper techniques of professional photography allow coping with the lighting difficulties, and limitations of the professional equipment are significantly smaller. It leads to higher performance of the listing. The cost of the service is usually less than 2-3 nights stay. Yes, that is how affordable it is. Another good news for you is that for the small property, you do not even have to block the availability out for the shoot. The great news is that up to 2 bedroom apartment could be photographed within a couple of hours when the property turns around.

To find out more about the Professional Airbnb Photography, you can contact me or reach out Airbnb Marketplace Photography team to request the shoot in your area, especially if you are a superhost.

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