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How far would you travel to your tourist destination?

Airbnb is well known as a convenient service for affordable accommodation at your favourite tourism destinations. However, some of Airbnb places are pretty much destinations themselves. When I photograph different properties of Airbnb in Adelaide and Adelaide Hills, I visit various accommodations where I would love to stay for a few nights.

Australian Outback is on the bucket list of many people, and here is an opportunity to feel the touch of Outback without travelling away for long days. The Outback Studio is within walking distance from Adelaide CBD. Another real thing about this place is that it shows the works of local artists around the studio. And green leafy surroundings increase your chances to encounter some local wildlife at nights when you go to the toilet, which is outside as it is common in Outback.

The other home is in the heart of Adelaide Hills, and it is also an imposing one. Did you plan to go to Mexico or feel homesick of Central America? Well, KW Hacienda is a place for you not to miss. I have not been to Mexico yet, but once I entered the house, I got the feeling of Mexico from good old movies. When you decide to stay there, do not forget to order in some tacos or burritos to enhance your experience.

The last but not least is a cottage in Adelaide East End. The luxury and elegance of the Scandinavian interior with wooden finish create an absolute memorable feeling.

What was your own experience of unusual and authentic Airbnb stay so far?

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